Kendal Vaughn Lactation

Breastfeeding is not One Size Fits All.

What works for one mom, may not work for you. Kendal Vaughn, an IBCLC ready to help you and your family create the perfect breastfeeding plan, so you can feel confident in your parenting roles!


In-Home Lactation Services

Kendal offers in-home lactation services. This provides the mom the comfort of staying home and nursing in her own space. Home visits are very beneficial in seeing the flow of the family and formulate a plan that works well for your own environment. It also allows a familiar space for families to be included in the plan if desired. Kendal also offers phone and virtual consults.

Kendal also offers private prenatal breastfeeding classes. These classes are done in the moms home. There are so many perks of a private class.

It’s Finally Here!

Check out Kendal Vaughn’s upcoming book, First Comes Baby…Now What.

This book is a must read for any Mom-to-Be! Kendal Vaughn takes over 10 years of experience and transforms it into a book filled from cover to cover with information to prepare you for your parent journey, lists to make your planning easy and even places to jot down your notes! This is not just a book, it is a guide to help you get the most out of your motherhood (and fatherhood!) experience.